Monday, December 27, 2010

A Christmas to Remember

Well, I survive another Christmas and I will have to say, with the exception of Billy and Ashlee not being able to come home, this was years celebration was one of the better ones! We had tons of food, family and fun! My daughter-in-law Lindsey, at my request, made me a key lime pie. We had a tasty ham and a turkey breast off the rotisserie! Mimi made some of her world famous dressing, a chocolate pecan and coconut cream pies. Since the grand-babies had their Christmas at home first it was later in the day before they made it over the river and through the woods to Mimi's house. Well, once they got there the fun began.

The oldest Princess Skylar was the first to arrive and she was ready to open presents right away and we had to keep telling her that we had to wait on her cousins to arrive and that once they arrived we were going to eat first before we opened the gifts. She was not happy about that and kept saying, "I'm not hungry!" Well, once the Jason and his family arrived we all sat down and had our Christmas lunch. Princess Skylar and I finished our lunch and were relaxing and waiting for everyone else to finish, it was then that I realized just how badly I was wrapped around my grand-daughters finger. Skylar came up to me to whisper something in my ear. She asked if I would pass the first gift out to her, and then she said, "PaPaw remember, I'm your Princess". I told her that I remembered and that I would see what I could do. Then as everybody had finished their meals and right before I was to began to pass out the gifts, Skylar came back over to me and she said "here PaPaw", as she kissed me, "maybe this will help you remember". Now I ask you how was I to say no to that? Of course she got the first gift and I immediately passed out gifts to the other Princesses and Partners! I love, love , love my grandchildren and I could have gone the whole day without receiving a single gift, because I already had the greatest gift a man could ever want and that is the love of his family in return! Wow, what a Christmas to remember!


Buck said...

It certainly sounds like the best of Christmases! Being a grandparent is a pretty good gig!

Becky said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas Dale!

Dale said...

We had a great time and yes Buck it was one of the best in ages! I do love being a G-parent and I love spoiling my grandchildren as I believe it is the law!