Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Thoughts

With Christmas day quickly approaching I can feel myself going down and I don't know why. Christmas time for me has not been my favorite time of year. Oh I do love seeing my children and especially my grandchildren open their packages on Christmas day. I love seeing how excited the children get as the time for Santa's arrival draws near. I love seeing my how excited my wife gets shopping and trying to make everyone's Christmas wishes come true. But what I enjoy the most is having family around and seeing the joy on everybody's faces as the time has finally arrived, Santa has come and gone and left goodies for the good boys and girls. I will also say that one of my favorite Christmas memories was when Chuck (oldest brother) came home and surprised us.

You might read this and say, "well where's the problem?" Well, like I said, I really can't put my finger on it. It could be that for me as a child, Christmas wasn't all that fun. I think partly because I can't recall a single Christmas with my father. Oh he would send gifts and would try to send everything I asked for but it wasn't a family Christmas. There was always something missing at Christmas. I think as I got older I realized how hard my mother had to work to provide for me and little did she receive in return, so there was guilt I associated with Christmas.

Today, well it's the commercialism of Christmas, the "Political Correctness" of Christmas. It gets my goat when I see commercials that say have a Happy Holiday instead of Merry Christmas. I'm not to big on people substituting the Christ in Christmas with and X either. Though we are a nation of various cultures with various religious beliefs, Christmas is a Christian Celebration of the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Because someone else doesn't believe the way I do is fine but don't try to change my beliefs because they don't agree with yours and don't be offended that I choose to celebrate His birth.

I started out with a proclamation and ended in a rant, sorry about that! I really don't hate Christmas, what I just want is "Peace on Earth" and "Good Will Towards All Men" Merry Christmas my dear readers Merry Christmas indeed!


Charles said...

Just read your Christmas and Thanksgiving posts. We're not too far off in our thinking on these two holidays. In my mind Thanksgiving is what Christmas should be. Thanksgiving is focused on family and taking stock in what you have. Christmas has become, or perhaps has been for a long time and I'm just noticing, all about what you want. My favorite part of Christmas these days is sitting down for our Christmas Eve meal. We sit by candle light and reminisce on family and friends, often making a point to call as many people we can the next day. The greatest gift I can receive on Christmas day is the voice of a long lost friend, speaking as if there was no time or distance separating us.

Bag Blog said...

I'm with Charles on this one. Christmas is fun for all the reasons you mentioned, but I just don't want to get tied up in all the spending and frenzy - if it is not peaceable, I won't do it (I get more like my father every day). Way too much pressure is put on people to buy and give gifts. Santa becomes more important than Christ. I doubt Christ ever meant for us to celebrate His birth by all this craziness, spending, going in debt, working hard rather than being with family, etc. He came to bring peace on earth, goodwill to men.

Saying "happy holidays" does not bother me - it is like saying "happy holy days" which is where the word came from, and their is nothing wrong with that. Be at peace, my brother, and love your family - that is what is important. Love them everyday.

Buck said...

Well said, Dale. The holidays... beginning with Thanksgiving and running through the Epiphany... are hard on me. The reason is pretty much in line with your thoughts: family. They're all scattered to the four winds and some are permanently gone. So times are hard.

Be that as it may: Merry Christmas!

The Female Conundrum said...

Daddy D, I just adore you. I am so sorry that you have this sort of stigma with Christmas, but you know what? You are so blessed. God is the Father of ALL Fathers. I can't imagine that this takes away the full sting of everything, but it is certainly a comfort. I would also like to say that, while you mother may not have received what you thought she should in return, from what I know of you and see in you, your presence, your very spirit and heart you possess, has to be gift and thanks enough. You are such a wonderful man and a lover of Christ. You have passed this heart onto your children and made sure they know to do the same. What a marvelous that doesn't stop with Christmas, but one that carries on throughout the year and throughout your life. Praise God! I hope these words have encouraged you, because you always encourage me. I love you dearly and it is my joy to uplift you in the name of our Father...a Father who will forever be there.

Dale said...

Charles- For as long as I have know you we have thought alike. Sometimes that was a good thing and sometimes it just got our butts whipped! Love you Bro!

Lou- I think the biggest thing that bothers me about the whole "Happy Holidays" thing is that folks use it because it is the more PC thing to do, hogwash. Hearing it doesn't bother me as much as knowing people are made to use it to be PC. Great input and I loved your "Freedom" Blog as well.

Buck- I guess if things would have been a little different at home when I was growing up, I wouldn't be such a cynic about the holidays now. Merry Christmas to you my friend!

Monica- Thank you so much for your beautiful words of encouragement. You stole my heart the first time I met you and you know that I love you like a father would love his daughter. You have a beautiful spirit about you and one can't help but be attracted to you. Your parents must be beaming with pride to have such a wonderful daughter that is so in love with her Lord. God Bless you Sweetheart and may you have a wonderfully blessed Christmas time!

The Female Conundrum said...

You are so sweet. I read this at the right time. I needed a pick me up tonight. I think I'm just being a moody woman (lol), but I'm near tear mode. This made me smile. Love you & miss you so much!